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The Four Poster Bed Company make a wide range of traditional, oak furniture, country furniture, and bedroom furniture including:

Historically, Four Poster Beds or Canopy Beds are one of the most desired pieces of furniture, so make your dreams come true with the bed of kings, the king of beds!

The Four Poster Bed Company:

  • quality oak furniture

  • bedroom furniture and four poster beds

  • handmade by British craftmen

  • solid wood from sustainable sources, (predominantly English Oak)

  • individually handmade and polished to your requirements

  • a friendly, professional service

  • international delivery or shipping

  • four poster beds are easily transported and assembled

  • heirloom oak furniture for future generations

Living and working on the English/Welsh border, Stephen Edwards, a furniture maker with over 20 years experience, has brought together a team of skilled crafts people including wood turners, carvers, furniture makers, a French polisher, upholsterer and drape maker. A range of oak furniture has been developed over several years working closely with customers, resulting in the very popular 'hand planed', 'olde oak' look with a choice of two standard colours, a rich dark oak (stain A), and a medium oak (stain B), that seem to suit most clients, but colour matches can also be acheived to suit your personal taste.

The range of Four Poster Beds (or Canopy Beds) have been developed with you in mind, using both traditional furniture making skills, and modern fittings, to produce an easy to assemble bed that will go up your stairs without any difficulty (in fact, the bed base and mattress are the largest components).

Stephen developed the Canopy Bed, which is basically a bed consisting of four posts, a head board, foot board, and cornice (canopy or tester). After sorting out the design and fittings, for strength and easy assembly, he then added a panelled roof, (the fully panelled version), which is now called the Lyons Hall.

Since then, he has developed various designs of panels, from raised fielded panels, single and double beaded panels, through to the more ornate Diamond, gothic arches, and Linenfold. There are also a choice of posts included various turned, and twisted posts. Your bed is tailored your specifications in mattress size, wood and finish, and can even include a carving service for your initials, insignias, family crests, matching other furniture, etc.

Hotels, guest houses and bed and breakfasts wanted a simplified bed consisting of four poster and a cornice. This is called the Juniper Canopy Bed, available with a panelled headboard, as the other beds, or with an upholstered headboard.

Stephen will personally discuss your favoured design through emails, telephone, or in the showroom, then make the bed, making sure that you have the four poster bed that you have always wanted. If your ideas differ from the standard range of furniture, please do not hesitate to ask, he loves a challenge.

We endeavour to use sustainable locally grown hardwoods wherever possible.Tree trunks are carefully selected, planked, then air and kiln dried on the premises, thus maintaining quality control throughout the whole process, from the growing tree, to your restful four poster bed.

To accompany your canopy bed, we are able to offer you drapes, usually consisting of curtains, vallences (the frilly bits around the top), counter panes (bed speads), bolsters (big round pillows, for decoration) etc., handmade to your requirements although these are priced individually. We also supply a wide range of high quality, handmade bed bases and mattresses. Further information available upon request. If you would like the rest of your bedroom furniture to match your bed, it can all be made to suit your specifications.

Although UK based, The Four Poster Bed Company trades internationally. We happily deliver and assemble your bed within the UK, at cost, (covering fuel and the drivers' time).

Overseas your canopy bed is shipped door to door, and are easily assembled, needing no specialist skills, just the bed components, an instruction booklet, a block of wood and hammer, and a bedroom in which to put it. Canopy Beds exported to the US have so far cost roughly $1000 for the shipping, but of course this will depend on the bed style, size, weight, and end location, (east coast will be less expensive than the west coast!).

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